De'Longhi Cuisinière PRO 96 MX IN
De'Longhi Cuisinière PRO 96 MX IN
De'Longhi Cuisinière PRO 96 MX IN
  • Nombre de fours: 1
  • Nombre de brûleurs: 4
  • Type de plaque: Induction
  • Type de four: Four à air pulsé
  • Gril: 
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De'LonghiCuisinière PRO 96 MX IN

Multifunction electric oven

Professional induction kitchen, elegant and reliable - Supports the chef in you and furnishes your kitchen
Electric kitchen with 90 × 60 cm induction top, full stainless steel design with an elegant and professional look and built-in backsplash.
Scotch brite finish stainless steel front, like the 4 cm boxed top and the splashback . PRO knobs with brushed metal finish and chrome ring , PRO handle with chrome head and solid metal handle. Top with 4 induction cooking zones . Multifunction electric oven 9 functions in CLASS A.
Make bread, pizzas and all the baked goods you want at home thanks to the 40 ° C and BREAD / PIZZA LEAVENING PROGRAMS combining them with the included PIZZA STONE accessory and two grids. The 40 ° C leavening program is also ideal for drying fruits and vegetables and fermenting yogurt, as well as making the dough rise in a short time.

Kitchen 90 × 60 multifunction electric oven and induction hob
Induction hob with 4 cooking zones :
2 zones 1400 - 2 zones 2300 / 3000W with Booster
9 power levels for each zone
Booster cooking functions and lock controls (child safety)
Residual heat indicator and pan presence detector
Warning lights for operation and residual heat
Full stainless steel aesthetics
Upstand in stainless steel
Professional stainless steel 4 cm scotch brite finish top
Stainless steel scotch brite finish front panel
Blue led electronic start / end cooking programmer
3D thermo-ventilated function
40 ° C proving program
Program Bread / Pizza with pizza stone accessory
New design knobs with brushed metal finish and chrome ring
Multifunction electric oven class A 9 functions
Double glass oven door cooled with removable inner glass
Tangential cooling fan
87 liter oven cavity with side frames
Warming compartment
Accessories: 2 flat grills, drip pan, grease filter, pizza stone
Dimensions (lxpxh): cm 90 x 60 x 86/92 cm
Maximum absorbed power: 10450W

Electrical connection:
220-240 V ac
380-415 V 3N ac
380-415 V 2N ac


Allows you to illuminate the interior of the oven, in order to control the cooking of food.

The heat coming simultaneously from above and from below, makes this function ideal for pizzas, cakes, roasts of any type and for fatty meats such as duck or goose.

Ideal for gratinating and grilling dishes that require a high surface temperature such as veal or beef steaks, fillet, hamburgers and all the side dishes of grilled vegetables.

The combination of the fan and the circular heating element allows different foods to be cooked on several levels without mixing aromas or flavors. This function is particularly suitable for foods that must be well cooked outside and soft or rosy inside.

The operation of the fan in combination with the grill enhances and speeds up the gratinating and grilling operations, with a greater distribution of heat, preventing the superficial burning of food.

The heat coming only from the bottom allows to finish the cooking that needs a higher temperature at the base. Indicated to complete the cooking of sweet or savory pies, pizzas and pies.

The leavening function, combined with a temperature of 40 °, allows the heat coming from above to gently heat the oven cavity creating the ideal conditions to make the dough rise with reduced times, maintaining its characteristics unaltered.

The activation of only the fan ensures a uniform distribution of air at room temperature inside the oven, favoring rapid thawing of frozen food.

The operation of the fan combined with traditional cooking spreads heat evenly inside the oven and is particularly suitable for foods that require the same degree of internal and external cooking. The bread / pizza program combined with the Pizza Stone accessory cooks fragrant loaves, pizzas and other bread.

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  • Code Krëfel11004023
  • MarqueDe'Longhi
  • EAN8024651207757

Caractéristiques principales

  • Nombre de fours1
  • Nombre de brûleurs4
  • Type de plaqueInduction
  • Type de fourFour à air pulsé
  • Type de cuisinièreÉlectrique
  • Type de gazNon applicable
  • Classe énergétiqueA


  • Lumière intérieure
  • Sécurité enfants
  • Gril
  • Indicateur de chaleur résiduelle
  • Type de nettoyageCatalyse
  • Timer

Brûleurs-zones de cuisson

  • Brûleur/Puissance de zone de cuisson 11400  W
  • Brûleur/Puissance de zone de cuisson 22300  W
  • Brûleur/Puissance de zone de cuisson 32300  W
  • Brûleur/Puissance de zone de cuisson 41400  W
  • Arrêt de sécurité en cas de surchauffe


  • Hauteur860  mm
  • Profondeur600  mm
  • Largeur900  mm
  • Poids77.4  kg
  • Puissance maximum de raccordement électrique10450  W
  • Type de cuissonAir pulsé


  • Capacité87  L
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