NOVIS Centrifuge VitaJuicer S1 236014
NOVIS Centrifuge VitaJuicer S1 236014
NOVIS Centrifuge VitaJuicer S1 236014
  • Vermogen: 240 W
  • Pulpafscheider: 
  • Geschikt voor vaatwasmachine: 
  • Receptenboek: 
  • Inhoud opvangbak: 4 L
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NOVISCentrifuge VitaJuicer S1 236014

The Novis Vitajuicer is the only juicer with four juice functions activated with one simple button and including the pioneering Vitatec® technology. The 4-in-1 functionality of the VitaJuicer is essential to its superior performance. It can create tasty citrus juices, juice any kind of fruit or vegetable, whip up stunning smoothies and produce velvety smooth orange juice thanks to the patented VitaTec® function, where the citrus press works in combination with the cold-press centrifuge . The speed of the press or centrifuge adjusts automatically to the consistency of the fruit and vegetables. During independant tests carried out by the Swiss Vitamin Institute, the Novis VitaJuicer was proven to extract up to 56% more vitamins and 12% more fruit juice , and produce 38% less food wastage.
After use, every part of the VitaJuicer that comes into contact with fruit can be dismantled and placed in the dishwasher. With full metal housing and high-quality, durable components, the Novis Vitajuicer is a top-class juicer designed to stand the test of time. Featuring smart technology and award-winning design, this vitamin-champion is an essential kitchen companion for a healthy lifestyle.

Main benefits:

  • Best vitamin juicer: not slow, not fast but incredibly efficient giving you up to 56% more vitamins in your glass, certified by the Swiss Vitamin Institute 
  • 4-in-1 Multifunction: juices any kind of fruit or vegetable in no time

classic citrus juice: citrus press with Citromax® cone for maximum pulp extraction
extra smooth citrus juice: VitaTec®patented technology, where citrus press works in combination with centrifuge, both juice and fibres end up in your glass, guaranteeing maximum nutrition as well as super smooth texture
cold-pressed vegetable and fruit juice: funnel and centrifuge work together to extract the juice of hard fruits and vegetables like apples, carrots, fennel and even ginger
smoothie/purée: an addditional accessory presses the fruits against the wall of the centrifuge in order to create smoothies, designed for soft fruits such as bananas, berries or tomatoes

  • Easy to use: there is just one button to operate everything and the drop hold spout prevents drops 
  • Easy to clean: the centrifuge can be dismantled and every part of the juicer can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher 
  • Longlasting: durable metal body and high quality components


  • Energy efficient DC-Motor and planetary gear, extremely silent, comes with a 10 year warranty 
  • AutoSpeed: automatic speed rotation regulation for citrus press and centrifuge depending on the consistency of your fruit & vegetables 
  • CitroMax® 150 rpm, best conical shape of the citrus press allows maximum fruit pulp extraction 
  • VitaTec® combination of centrifuge and citrus press for velvety smooth citrus juices
  • Centrifuge 2,000 rpm for cold-pressed juices rich in vitamins 
  • Smoothie/Purée attachment 
  • Extra wide feed funnel for a fast and efficient operation DropHold spout to prevent drops 
  • Dishwasher safe elements can be fully dismantled for easy cleaning 
  • Full metal housing, stainless steel centrifuge, stainless steel pouring spout, elements in BPA-free Tritan® 
  • Weight : 6,8kg 
  • 240 W / 220-240 V
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  • Krëfel code21006385
  • MerkNOVIS
  • EAN7640128132240

Algemene eigenschappen

  • Vermogen240  W
  • Lengte23  cm
  • Breedte22  cm
  • Hoogte43  cm
  • Gewicht6.8  kg
  • Rotatiesnelheid2000  tpm

Fysieke eigenschappen

  • MateriaalMetaal
  • Inhoud opvangbak4  L
  • KleurOranje


  • Druppelstop
  • Pulpafscheider


  • Snoeropslag
  • Geschikt voor vaatwasmachine
  • Demonteerbaar
  • Rechtstreeks in glas
  • Anti-slipvoet
  • Display
  • Direct serveren

Meegeleverde accessoires

  • Receptenboek
  • Citruspers

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