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Benq EX2710 Mobiuz
Benq EX2710 Mobiuz
Benq EX2710 Mobiuz
Benq EX2710 Mobiuz
Benq EX2710 Mobiuz
Benq EX2710 Mobiuz
  • Energieklasse: F
  • Schermgrootte (inch): 27 inch
  • Schermresolutie - type: Full HD
  • Type beeldscherm: IPS
  • Vorm scherm: Vlak
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BenqEX2710 Mobiuz

EXplore the Possibilities

LIVE the game with MOBIUZ EX2510. Exit the routine and expand your reality. This 144Hz monitor has lightning-fast 1ms MPRT (Moving Picture Response Time) and FreeSync Premium to minimize blur and artifacts. IPS wide-angle viewing shows stunning color from any angle.

EX2510 also has features you dream of. This gaming monitor delivers incredible BenQ proprietary tech. HDRi optimizes images for improved color, contrast, and detail. True sound audio by treVolo surrounds you with rich music and subtle auditory cues. Add in innovative debut features that transport you to your gaming world and you've got a monitor ready for any adventure.

EXpanded Immersion

HDRi: Intelligent Optimization

HDRi immersive detail draws you into the game. A discrete sensor detects ambient light levels and assesses then adjusts on-screen HDR images so you see every detail. Customized color performance, detail contrast, and image clarity add intensity.

Intelligent Control

A nearly invisible sensor detects ambient light and on-screen content, then adjusts for the ideal display.

Stunning Clarity

BenQ proprietary HDRi improves image contrast and clarity for greater detail. Dark corners show what they’re hiding while bright areas are not overexposed.

Vivid Colors

HDRi takes color to the next level of intensity. Color balance and saturation are adapted for a mind-blowing visual experience.

EXceptional Audio

When facing a challenge you want every advantage. While before display audio was a runner up to stellar images, we changed the rules.

EX2510 has two 2.5W speakers and a DSP (Digital Signal Processor) with three customized sound modes. You select the audio setting suited to your scenario. For complete immersion, the DSP and speaker array offer depth, emotion, and intensity like never before.

EX2510. Hearing is believing.

Superior True Sound by treVolo

The BenQ treVolo experts approach sound design from the perspective of an audiophile. Get full acoustic enjoyment with five sound settings that enable precise treble, rich mid-range, and resounding bass. -- all without the clutter of external speakers.

Design That EXcites

Equip yourself for adventure. MOBIUZ EX2510 144Hz monitor is action-ready with 1ms MPRT, FreeSync Premium, and image optimizers that elevate your gaming excitement. The monitor's bold streamlined design inspires you and your avatar to dream big.

Light Tuner

Light Tuner lets you choose from 20 color settings for your favorite effect. Whether you play FPS or RPG, you decide how your game looks for your best experience.

Lightning-Fast Responsiveness

1ms MPRT and 144Hz refresh rate means your fast-paced games display without artifacts, ghosting, or blur. You can aim quickly at fast-moving enemies in your favorite FPS.

Black eQualizer

See Your Enemies in the Dark

Color Vibrance

In-game Adjustments Disclose Foes

FreeSync Premium

No Tearing for Smooth Gaming

EXtreme Control

Scenario Mapping

Pair each of your Quick OSD presets with an input. Simply change your input and your settings automatically adjust.

Quick OSD

Preset Black Equalizer, Volume, and Brightness for different scenarios. Select your OSD settings with ease.

5-Way Navigator

Easily access your most-used settings. A joystick in back lets you adjust settings with a flick of your finger.

Eye-Care for EXtended Play

BenQ’s industry-leading eye-care tech reduces eye strain, headaches, and fatigue while improving viewer comfort. See and feel the difference for yourself.

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  • Krëfel codeTO132325
  • MerkBenq
  • EAN4718755082740


  • Schermgrootte (inch)27  inch
  • Schermgrootte (cm)68.6  cm
  • Schermresolutie - typeFull HD
  • Schermresolutie (px)1920 x 1080  px
  • SchermtechnologieLED
  • Type beeldschermIPS
  • Aantal kleuren (M)16
  • Vorm schermVlak
  • Responstijd (ms)1  ms
  • Contrastverhouding1000:1
  • Beeldverhouding16:9
  • Helderheid (cd/m²)400  cd/m²
  • Refreshrate (Hz)144  Hz
  • Kijkhoek - horizontaal (°)178  °
  • Kijkhoek - verticaal (°)178  °


  • HDMI2
  • DisplayPort1
  • Hoofdtelefoonaansluiting
  • Netstroomaansluiting


  • Ingebouwde luidsprekers
  • Aantal luidsprekers2
  • Vermogen luidspreker (W)2.5  W


  • Verticaal kantelbaar (°)-5 - 20  °
  • Horizontaal draaibaar (°)20 - 20  °
  • Verstelbaar in hoogte
  • Verstelbaar in hoogte (cm)13  cm
  • VESA-montage
  • VESA-standaard (mm)100 x 100  mm
  • On Screen Display (OSD)
  • Slot voor beveiligingskabel


  • Stroomverbruik in gebruik (W)58  W
  • Stroomverbruik standby (W)0.5  W


  • KleurZwart
  • Breedte met voetsteun (cm)61.41  cm
  • Hoogte met voetsteun (cm)53.96  cm
  • Diepte met voetsteun (cm)21.67  cm
  • Gewicht met voetsteun (kg)6.2  kg


  • Handleiding


  • Gaming

Energieklasse (EU 2020)

  • EnergieklasseF
  • Verbruik in standaardmodus24  kWh/1000h
  • Verbruik in HDR-modus36  kWh/1000h

Gratis levering vanaf €20

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